Pilates Boredom

Beating Pilates Boredom

Offers big payoffs by pairing traditional Pilates moves with a muscle-toning band. Stott Pilates Intense Sculpting Challenge (25 minutes; $14.95,

-Lying on the ground. Holding the bag just in front of your at chest height. Legs just hip distance apart. Take a breath, okay. So, from here we reach it above your head, as you come forward, just flex the elbows, exhale, we flex up and bring it back. Pull it forward, flex and pull and reach about for this. So flex the elbows as you flex your spine. Good and the last one here stay there and you just do tricep 2, 3, 4, flex and reach back. Yeah, just like that. Pull and reach, pull and return. Pull and reach, good. Pull and return, 2 more. Pull and reach, good. Be careful you don't jam the back down here. It just stays nice and neutral here. Good, now, reach it up, bring it here, 1, 2, 3, 4 here and return. Okay, just in case that felt little too easy. We're gonna work the abs a little more or you can keep your knees down, inhale, one leg comes in, exhale the other. Repeat the same thing with your knees up and here, reach, here and down. Here, reach, that's it, here, good. Bring it in, pull. Now on the next one, get ready, stay, 1, good, 1, 2, 3, 4, bring it in last time, pull it in, reach, return, pull it in, a little bit like this but you got it. 2 more, pull it in, now reach it, good and return last time, flex and pull, reach it, 2, 3, 4, pull it in and return. Okay, just take a breath. One leg goes down and then the other ***CUT DICTATION***