Advanced Exercisers

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-Okay this is the back trap. There are some things that you need to know doing this trap. Again, keeping your back in neutral alignment, stick your butt bones right out. When you're using your weight, keep the weights in tight. Now, when we do horizontal rows, I'm gonna flex at the hips and I'm gonna keep my elbows wider, alright, and retracting my shoulder blades. So Paula Gillen for modification. Are ready facing forward? Abs in, single row combo. Go one, two, three, and up, good job, retract, protract, looking the upper back there. Now, triple rows. Hold it down there for three, squeeze, two, squeeze. Nice job, good, three, two, one. Alright, pulse it for 2, pulse 2, pulse 3. Three, two; pulse 3 again, three, two, one; pulse 2, excellent. Now, row down for 7, seven, six, five. That way really close four, three, two. Alright, single row combo. Again, Paula Gillen keeping your abs in, take a look at their back position Hirst and Judy, neutral alignment always. We don't want you to get injury here. Triple row, hold it down there, three. When you're using that barbell, it is so close to your thigh, up toe. Do that again, three, two, breathing. Alright, get ready for those pulses, here we go. Pulse 2, pulse 3, in tight. Pulse 3. Pulse 2, nice job. Hold it down there for 7, squeeze 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Alright, while you're stretching, I'm gonna straddle off a bench, again, flexing at the hip, keeping that weight really close, retracting, and then coming down slow. Paula Gillen won't go as slow, low the shoulders. Alright, set to position, feet forwards, abs engage, chest up, remember to always, always, look up. Are you ready? Single row combo, here we go, go one, two, three, four. one, two, again. Now, if you can't go as low, maybe limited range of motion on hip flexors or hamstrings, Paula Gillen, she's gonna stay up little higher. One more. Let's just do one more with the hip, triple row, three, squeeze, two, squeeze. You guys looked good, up toe. Three, such an inspiration, two, one. Triple row again, three, squeeze, two, squeeze. Again, three, squeeze, two, squeeze. Alright, single row combo. Let's finish up strong here. Squeeze and up, good. Do you guys feeling it. Because if you're not, I've got heavy weight for you, knees, squeeze. Triple row, here's three, two, one. Good job, three, two, one. Single row combo, here we go, last set. Almost there, two more, last one. What a stellar performance, alright to the waist down. Let's just stretch that out. Good job, you guys. Alright, you can take your hands underneath, curling your low back, slowly, stretching your muscles in the back, arms out front, stretch, good job.