Belly Bulge

Beating Belly Bulge

This DVD tones your tummy with dance, Pilates and martial arts moves. Poise Fitness: Core Training (41 minutes; $14.99,

-And another leg up into a double leg position. Again, we wanna work that bottom vertebrate. [unk], force it down, shoulders are back, straighten your legs. Now, you're just gonna open those legs a little bit. Open and close, you're gonna work that vertebrate and those shoulders. Open, inhale and exhale, close. 2 more. Open and close, last time, shoulders back, open and close and open them, hold them open. Remember, if you get tired, rest then jump back in. Again class those thumbs. Work in the vertebrate, working the shoulders. Push it back, just like we did standing up again. They come right in front of your face. Again, you can either bring those arms down, right to here without raising your head or you can bring them back and you can bend from the waist, pulling up or you can bring them back, ending from the waist and bringing those hands all the way down. 1, that chin stays up, spot the ceiling. 2, do not let that chin drop to your chest. 3, back, that vertebrate stays down when those hands go back. Do not arch that back. 4 more. 4, inhale, back, 3, relax that head, remember you want that head loose. Don't hold it tight, keep it loose. 2 more. 2, bring those hands all the way down, all the way down to the matt and 1, come back, those arms come back in front of your face.