Fat Fast

Blast Fat Fast

Burn big calories in 20 minutes with Bob Harper's fat-blasting, sweat-dripping circuit workout.

Hi. I'm Bob, (??) trainer of the Biggest Loser. And I design this express workout exclusively for Fitness Magazine. This movement is called the squat out with arms (swing?) with the (??) is key. You (dress up nice and tall?) as you bring the way down my head stays up...reach up, shuffle to one side and down. Shuffle, squate up and down. Lift and low. This movement is called the (??) and twist. I'm (??) is to heavy try without (??). Taking your arms above your head. Now really (??) by your shoulders pressing down, abs (??) we're going to lower that back knee down toward the (ramp?) and bring that way down to (center side?). Do it slowly...controlled movement, you come up and lower do a dynamic require your whole body (??). This movement is a (??) combo. Now with your legs straight, chest up nice and tall. You gonna take your weight directly in front of the body and come down you feel the stretch in your hamstring, come up with a tall strong (core?), (??) the arms up and then (??) rotation over to one side. Watch your knees as you come down and be ready to do the exact same on the other side. Hold tight, shoulders down away from the ears, twist to the other side and lower down. Let's do that one more time. Just back is flat after engage. Come on reach, hold here (core stone?) and twist to the other side. This movement is called, side (??). It is a major fat burner. You gonna take (??) instead of jumping back you gonna jump to the side. Jump back, stand up nice and tall and repeat on the other side. Lift...I will see full extension here. Hips forward, down reach and stand up tall. This next movement is called, the jump 180 and it is more to be a tremendous fat burner. From slide position you're gonna (??) lower (??) tall. From here you (??) jump up...a 180 turn and then land to that spot. Make sure when you land with soft knee, come up slowly and lower down. Again, up and lower down. It's really important to land with those soft knees and keep your cords (??). There we go.