Head-to-Toe Toner

The Head-to-Toe Toner exercise works your biceps, abs, chest, butt, and hamstrings.

This next exercise is great for your gluten hamstrings, perfect for bikini season. We're gonna start in a upright position. And as you bend forward you will bring your left leg back, right knee slightly bend and keep your chest up. As you pull forward you're gonna squeeze that left (??) and bring that knee forward as you pulled those shoulder blades together. That left foot comes back to the ground that's one (rep?). So (coming?) forward again, chest is up, knees slightly bend. Bring that knee forward, squeeze those shoulder blades together right back down. So it's also a great exercise for balancing...or from those hips stabilizers. Nice, we get one more (rep?) in. Nice, it's bending forward, squeezing that...pulling forward and you're ready for the beach.