Hip Trimmer

The Hip Trimmer exercise works your shoulders, chest, arms, abs, butt, and legs.

This next exercise is great for your full body specially for your lower body. So we're gonna start with your feet about shoulder width apart. You're gonna clasp your hands in front of you, pushing your palms together, bring your shoulder blades back. That's gonna activate your core. You're gonna start with a squat. You wanna squat back, push your hips down into 90 degrees, come right back up into your starting position and lunge out to the left side. Now you wanna keep that left knee over that ankle, push back to your starting position and then drop right back down into a squat. The whole time, remembering keep that pressure between your hands activating that core, breathing, keeping that knee over that ankle and when you're squatting down, you're keeping that 90 degrees and coming right back up.