Slim-Down Workout

Summer Slim-Down Workout

A circuit workout that tones your upper arms, abs, butt and thighs. Repeat this circuit twice and do two to three times a week.

Hi. I'm Holly Rilinger of Holly Rilinger Fitness in New York City. I designed this workout exclusively for Fitness Magazine to help you to help you get your body bikini beautiful. This next move is a high energy move and our only move in the series that includes an explosive moment. Done right, you should really get your heart rate up. So we're gonna start by stepping back into a lunge. And then we're gonna explode up that front foot into a high skip. All right? So you step back, you're gonna push off that front foot. Opposite hand goes up, and opposite knee. So reaching back, firing up that (foot?), stepping right back. Getting your heart rate up. Nicely done. This next exercise is great for your full body especially for your lower body. So we're gonna start with your feet about shoulder width apart. And you're gonna clasp your hands in front of you, pushing your palms together. Bring your shoulder blades back. That's gonna activate your core. You're gonna start with a squat, you wanna squat back. Push your hips down into 90 degrees, come right back up into your starting position and lunge out to the left side. Now you wanna keep that left knee over that ankle, push back to your starting position and then drop right back down into a squat. Good. The whole time, remembering keep that pressure between your hands, activating that core, breathing, keeping that knee over that ankle and when you're squatting down, you're keeping that 90 degrees and coming right back up. We're gonna be using our triceps and our abs. So the way we're gonna set it up is we're gonna come on our heels. We're gonna lift up our hips here. Your fingers are pointing forward so you're gonna dip down bending your elbows, pushing up with your triceps and then lifting your knee towards your chest for a crunch and then bring your foot right back down to that starting position. Hips go back down. That's one rep. Right back down again, that's two. Good. Again, working your triceps there as you come right back really getting that crunch op top. We'll do one more. Since we're getting our bodies bikini ready, this exercise is perfect for two reasons. It's great for your abs, and it's great for your booty. So first thing, we wanna do is go into our heels again. We're gonna go and lift this leg up into the air. All right. We're gonna bring this heel as close to your butt as possible. All right. From here, you're gonna lift your hips up, squeezing your glute on this side. You're gonna come right back down to your starting position and then with your arms, you're gonna lift up towards that leg. And come right back down. That's one rep. As you lift up here, you wanna tuck your chin, protect your neck. And as you lift up, you really give that glute a good squeeze. And for one more rep, we get that glute, we get your abs and you're bikini ready. This next exercise not only strengthens your core but really works your obliques. So to get setup, you wanna get that elbow right under that shoulder. Feet are stacked. And we're gonna do a souped up version of the side plank. Hand goes to your hip. You wanna raise your hips off the ground. Reach your hand up over your head. Look about it for balance. Take that down back down to your hip and dip your hips to the ground and right back up. So reaching up, looking up using that balance, keeping that elbow directly under that shoulder. Really working those bottom obliques. We're gonna really work those abs. So to start this exercise, you're gonna start in seated position just like this. We're gonna lift our feet up off the ground. As you do, you're gonna lean back just slightly. You're gonna clasp your hands in the center pushing those palms together. And you're just gonna twist side to side. Let your eyes follow your hands because this way, you're gonna get just a little bit more rotation there. So side to side will really work those obliques. You'll feel that. Nice balancing on those hips. And you are well on your way to some sexy abs. So this is just a great overall full body exercise. We're gonna start in a plank position. That means your feet are shoulder width apart and your hands are directly under your shoulders. We're gonna start by taking that left foot and bring it to your right elbow. Bring it back to the starting position and then just move that right hand a couple inches off to the side while keeping your hips square. We'll move to the other side, bring that knee to that elbow. Bring that left hand out just a little bit. Good. So moving through these repetitions, couple things to think about. Keep those hips square. Right. Squeeze those glutes. Nice tied abs and breathe through it. Your heart rate should come up on this. Nicely done. This next exercise is great for your glutes and hamstrings. Perfect for bikini season. We're gonna start in an upright position and then as you bend forward, you're gonna bring your left leg back, right knee slightly bent and keep your chest up. As you pull forward, you're gonna squeeze that left glute and bring that knee forward as you pull those shoulder blades together. That left foot comes back to the ground. That's on rep. So coming forward again, chest is up. Knees' slightly bent. Bring that knee forward. Squeeze those shoulder blades together, right back down. It's also a great exercise for balancing, working those hips stabilizers. Nice. We'll get one more rep in. Nice. Bending forward, squeeze in that glute, pulling forward and you're ready for the beach.