Balancing Act

The Balancing Act exercise works yoru rectus abdominis and tranversus abdominis muscles.

-Next up is balancing act. You're going to bend your knees like crazy in towards you. Flex your toes back towards your face and actually set the block on to your feet as square as you can. And then, reach the block up towards the sky. Try to find 90-degree angle with the legs and the pelvis bringing your hands down. Well, that can be off the mat for stability. Here, it might be enough. You can just hold it here and trying to keep it balance. Trying to keep your legs straight and pulling your abdominals down into the ground. You can start to challenge that by writing your name in cursive and you're moving it from side to side. If you want to take this further, you can press your hands down but still engage your abdominals as you're going to reach the block to the sky. What's going to-- while it happen is that you want to go forward over your face. Try to keep it right over the hips. So, exhale to reach, back down and back down. Keep flexing your toes back towards your face. That will keep the block nice and balanced.