Abs Fast: Core Workout

Flat Abs Fast: Core Workout

Ab exercises that work your core from every angle to get stronger muscles and a smaller waist.

-Hello, I'm Chelsie [unk] and I'm an instructor at [unk] New York City and I've created this ab routine exclusively for Fitness Magazine. We'll begin in downward facing dog, lift your hips up high, straighten your arms and lift 1 leg from the inner thigh, reset let high to the sky and come forward high plane post, exhale, back to downward facing dog with the let lifted, come forward high plane post, squeeze the form together to make this more challenging and reach the left arm forward palm faces up and you feel your length pulling forward and pulling back. Squeeze the belly tight and then if not use your hand right back down and come back to downward facing dog coming forward and coming back. So, we'd like to take 10 reps each side and then switch legs and take 10 reps. So, we'll start with scale post. It's one of my favorites. Bring your hands to block, squeeze her knees in, wrap your arms around as you're gonna do a cannonball. The trick is you're gonna keep your knees as close to your chest as we you can. You're gonna want to follow way that's for the work there, pull your knees. For the most of us, when you come to lift yourself up, your toes looking from the ground [unk] intermediates squeeze your knees in and get your feet off the ground. More advanced parallel your feet and straight out your leg at the pool. Your rib cage back and maybe even reach for the toes and we're gonna hold for 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 1 and lower yourself down. You take 3 to 5 sets of that. Remember to switch your legs. Coming into side flank twist, put your right hand on the ground and your left foot in front of your right. You're gonna lean the weight into your left foot, set your right foot on the floor, and then your left foot will come on top. Take block and hands and reach out for the sky, bloom hips up. Then you're gonna take the block curl underneath your right rib cage and reach behind and you come right back to the starting point. Exhale, pull your hips up and reach and then reach it back up toward the sky. So, the next one is called magic carpet ride. You need a towel, a blanket, and a slippery surface, wooden floor, tile will do the trick. So, you're gonna come here and set your hands come in a high flank post and then exhale, bend your knees and squeezing them towards your chest. Reach back high flank post and then bring your knees in. For another variation, a more advanced variation, instead of flank, you're gonna come into downward facing dog and then pike your hips, keep your legs and your arms straight and come up there. Come back to plane. Throw downward facing dog, through a pike and right back. So, it's a variation, otherwise, knees towards chest, high flank, exhale, knees on the chest, high flank. The next exercise is called block switch. You're gonna have a block between the hands. Important part to know is that your belly button constantly presses down into the floor and you will see. So take the block between the hands, and then squeeze up between the feet. You the body long, exhale, knees in, grab for the block, and reaching up in overhead. That's 1 rep, just like that, here 2, 3. Next is wide let criss cross. Take a block between the thighs. Extend through the feet and squeeze the block. Interlace hands behind the back. Elongate the elbows out to the sides. At first center, lift up both shoulder blades, exhale, twist left to right, back to center, and then right to left, center. Used the exhale, center and center. Next up is balancing act. You bend your knees like crazy in towards you. Flex your toes back towards your face and actually set the block onto your feet. Square if you can and then reach the block up towards the sky, got to find 90 degree angle with the legs and the pelvis. You bring your hands down and that can be off the mat for stability. Here, it might be enough. We can just hold it here trying to keep it balanced, trying to keep your legs straight and pulling your abdominals down into the ground. You can start of challenging that by writing your name and of course you're moving it from side to side. If you wanna take this further, you can press your hands down, still engage your abdominals, you're gonna reach the block to the sky. What's gonna happen is gonna go forward over your face, try to keep it right over the hips, so exhale, reach, back down, and back down, keep flexing your toes back towards your face. That will keep the block nice and balanced. Next up is lean back. You're gonna have to sit on mat. Roll up a towel or blanket right up against the clock. You scoop yourself, you got quarter of the way underneath your seat and then take the second block between the knees. Okay, interlace your hands behind back or behind your head, rather, and open up your elbows, squeeze the navel in towards the spine and just give a little lean back. Yeah, lean back. So starting position upright, lean back. For more of an advanced version, you can take 1 leg off of the floor and squeeze the block between the knees and lean back, lean back, lean back. Put it back on the floor switch legs. Lean back. Next up is warrior curl. Set you block to the highest setting and set your hands to met them, right foot foundation, left leg back, inner thigh, switch high. Next part, you're gonna pick up the rib cage, curl the knee in, try to touch it all the way to your nose, and then press it back. That's 1 rep. Use the air as resistance. So slowly curl the knee in towards the nose, press arms to straight and then come right back and exhale, curl, inhale back, exhale, curl, inhale back.