Strong Armed Workout

The Strong Armed Workout

Five exercises to get rid of arm jiggle and sculpt strong arms.

-Hi, my name is Becky Tinney and I'm the creator of The Balance Method Fitness Program. Today, I'll be demonstrating an arm routine that I created exclusively for Fitness Magazine. In this exercise, you're going to start in plank position and you're going to raise the right arm up to the shoulder. Extend the arm out in front of you and punch that arm forward. The key here is to keep your hips parallel to the ground. For this move, you want to start by gliding your arms directly up underneath the armpits. On the second half of the move, extend those arms straight out. Roll them back in and out. Try to keep your shoulders back and down and extend the arms perfectly straight. Start your hands in a low V with your thumbs facing down. Create small circles as you reach your arms all the way to the top and then reverse the direction. Slow circles all the way back down to the low V. Bring them back up. Create five small circles on the way up and five reverse on the way back. On this exercise, you'll start with your palms facing forward. Take them up into a hammer curl and then you're going to punch to the right and then punch to the left. Bring them back down. Take it up. Right, left and back down. After completing the designated reps, to challenge yourself, do quick 20 punches to one side and then quick 20 punches to the other side. In this position, you're going to start lying on your side. The bottom leg is going to be bent underneath you and the bottom arm is going to wrap up and hug your ribcage. Your top hip is going to be raised up slightly with the toe pointed and the top arm is right in front you. On the move-- next move of the position, you're going to push yourself up so that your arm is almost fully extended. Raise the leg as high as you can and then lower back to the beginning. Take it up and down.