Bar Method Super Sculpting Workout

The Bar Method Super Sculpting Workout

: If you’re looking for a bar workout or to go beyond your usual Pilates, try this head-to-toe toning session that’s built on small, precise movements.

Up, up, up. Vigorously lift your knees and add a little downward press of your arms. Down, down. This is carving the back of your arm, the back of your shoulder to make it slender and tough. 10 more. 1, push now, fight to the finish. You're almost there. 6, stay with me now, 7, 8. Flex your foot and lift [unk] just straight up into the muscle. Check that your knee is really behind your hip and lift and lower your ball. Up, down. As soon as you got that going, add your leg. Now comes the L shape. Stretch, lift. We got it going now. Stretch, this is a combo, calorie-burning kicker. We've hitched up our 2 largest muscle groups, the quads and the gluts, to keep the calories flying up our body. You got it now. 1, 2, believe you can do this, 3. Raise your elbows like this and exhale. 8 more. If you can't, reach both hands to the ball. Here you go. 1, 2, hold at the top and do little touch and little squeezes, touch, squeeze, touch, squeeze. Can't even say but you can do it. Down and around. [unk] with your arms and down and around. This time, come to the center and stay there. Let gravity pull you down.