Reverse Sit-Up

Triceps-Extension Reverse Sit-Up

The Triceps-Extension Reverse Sit-Up works your triceps and abs.

-This next exercise is a reverse crunch with a triceps extension. So, it gets the tone and tighten the back of the arms to the triceps area and it works the ab muscles, the rectus abdominus from the pelvis all the way up to the rib cage as you do a reverse crunch. Sometimes, this can be difficult from coordination perspective. It's like rubbing your belly and scratching your head at the same time. Break it down, first practice you triceps extension, then practice your reverse crunch, then try them together. We're gonna start off trying them together right away. So, in position, and as you extend the weights up towards the ceiling, you're gonna roll your knees in towards you chest, reverse crunch and try some extension both at the same time. Make sure you whistle while you work. Breathe out when you do the work, breathe out when your arms come up to the ceiling and when your knees coming to your chest. Breathe in as you bring the weight to the knees away from each other, breathe out and breathe in, will do 2 more of these, one more, and down all the way. Make sure you pick a soft surface to do this on like a carpet or mat, otherwise, it might bother your tailbone to do that on hard floor.