Hammer Curl

Side-Crunch Hammer Curl

The Side-Crunch Hammer Curl exercise works your obliques and biceps.

Alright, this next exercise is a side bend with a hammer curl. So, it tones and tightens the [unk] of the oblique and it also works the biceps and a muscle called the brachioradialis right along the forearm, and this is important if you wanna open up a jar of pickles or something. Alright, so, lift finger tips and against you temple like you're saluting forward, Dumbbell ON the right side, and the first thing we're gonna do is we're gonna reach out the left obliques by tilting over, and then squeeze the obliques as we curl the biceps up at the same time. So, big stretch on the way down, curl it on the way up, stretch on the way down, and curl on the way up. Make sure, you get a full range of motion with those obliques, so when you're at the bottom of the range of motion, your left elbow is pointing up the ceiling, and then left elbow down to the ground. Left elbow up to the ceiling at 12 o'clock down to 6 o'clock. Do about 20 of these and you're gonna feel a real burn in side, side and do the same amount on the other side.