Dead-Lift Row

Reverse-Grip Dead-Lift Row

The Reverse-Grip Dead-Lift Row exercise works your back, biceps and hamstrings.

The next exercise is called a reverse-grip deadlift back row, a reverse-grip deadlift back row. And that's because we're gonna use a reverse grip. Traditionally, you do most rowing motions and deadlifts where your palms are facing in you; they're pronated. And now we're gonna actually supinate or twist the forearms away from the body, which is really gonna help us when we do that back row. You'll pull-- You'll be able to pull the shoulder blade back. This exercise works the hamstrings. They go all the way up to the glutes. It also strengthens the upper back or the rhomboids. They help pull the shoulders back, give you a natural boob lift and lengthen the mid section. Okay. Starting feet shoulder width apart, palms in front of the thighs, okay, facing away from the body. So palms facing forward, looking up, pushing your hips back as far as you can right into a deadlift. From this position, palms forward the whole time. We're gonna row all the way up and down. Perfect. Keep going. Push your hips back. You'll stretch. We're gonna squeeze your shoulder blades back and down. And where you look is really important when you do all these exercise. You never wanna look down. There's not one exercise, other than a superman, that you'll ever do would you be looking down at the ground. Pick a point, straight ahead. Especially when you're lowering your body, it's important you keep your back in the straight or sway back or lower buttock position. You don't wanna round your back. Keep it-- You never gonna hurt your back when it's nice and straight or when it's arched; you'll only hurt it when it's rounded. Push your hips back as far as you can. Go stretch all the way down the hamstring. Squeeze the shoulder blades back, reach, and back up again. And make sure that you reach all the way down before you come back up. So row up, reach all the way down, now back up. Perfect. One more of those. Down, squeeze, and perfect.