Pullover Curl-Up

The Pullover Curl-Up exercise works your back, chest and abs.

This exercise is called a pullover curl-up, and this works the lat muscles and it works the abs. And the area that it works in the upper body, that lat area, you wanna reach straight back for a second. You will feel the stretch right through this area here. If you're wearing a strapless dress, that would be the flesh that comes up that bothers you sometimes. Well, this is going to address that, and it's also gonna get the tummy at the same time. So starting with a dumbbell, one dumbbell, grabbing the caps or the ends of the dumbbell, reaching straight back, pull it over. Now, once it's directly above the ribcage, then you wanna curl up back down. Feel a nice stretch through the lats. Bring it back up. Hold it above. Curl up. And so you're really breaking it up into two phases on the way up, the ribcage pullover and then the curl-up on the way down. It's really more of a one phase. Curl up, boom, pause, big stretch, and I like this movement. It can be done anywhere with only one dumbbell or with a weighted ball, even a heavy fruit, a squash, a melon, a giant pineapple, something with some weight to it. A big ball of water can be used on this exercise if you don't happen to have any dumbbells at home. We'll do two more of those. Curl up, back down, big stretch, ribcage curl-up and down all the way. There you go.