With a Shoulder Press

Lunge With a Shoulder Press

The Lunge and Shoulder Press exercise works your shoulders, triceps, butt, and legs.

Okay, the first exercise is a lunge is with a shoulder press and it's a great movement. It hits the quads, the glutes, a little bit of the hamstrings, and it also targets the shoulder area. So, starting off, feet and shoulder width apart, dumbbells to your side. We're gonna bring the dumbbells up to the shoulder height. Okay. Now, we're gonna lunge forward from this position, stepping forward, always looking up, never looking down when lunge and back to the beginning. Shoulder pressed up, back down, and alternating legs, down to a lunge, back up with a little bit of an explosive burst on the way up. So, we're gonna lunge down nice and controlled, make sure your leading knee doesn't go passed your leading angle. It's really important when you do a lunge, and also you wanna bring the dumbbells all the way down, so you're collapsing your elbows toward your rib cage. You don't wanna just bring them halfway and you don't wanna let the weight fall out away from your body, keeping fist right above your elbows, keeping your knees right above your laces, and you've got a great exercise.