Mega Calories: Double-Duty Toning Exercises

Burn Mega Calories: Double-Duty Toning Exercises

Exercises that combine upper body and lower body moves to burn more calories in record time.

-Hi, I'm Harley Pasternak, cohost of ABC's The Revolution, I'm here to introduce to you the exclusive program I designed just for fitness magazine and I hope you like it. Okay, the first exercise is a lunge is with a shoulder press and it's a great movement. It hits the quads, the glutes, a little bit of the hamstrings, and it also targets the shoulder area. So, starting off, feet and shoulder width apart, down both of your side. We're gonna bring the dumbbells up to the shoulder height. Okay. Now, we're gonna lunge forward from this position, stepping forward, always looking up, never looking down when lunge and back to the beginning. Shoulder pressed up, back down, and alternating legs, down to a lunge, back up with a little bit of an explosive burst on the way up. So, when lunge down nice and controlled, make sure your leading knee doesn't go passed your leading angle. It's really important when you do a lunge, and also you wanna bring the dumbbells all the way down, so you're collapsing your elbows toward your rib cage. You don't wanna just bring them halfway and you don't wanna let the weight fall out away from your body, keeping fist right above your elbows, keeping your knees right above your laces, and you've got a great exercise. The next exercise is called reverse grip dead lift back row, reverse grip dead lift back row, and that's because, we're gonna use a reverse grip. Traditionally, you do most rowing motions and dead lift where your pals are facing into you. They pronated. Now, we're gonna actually supinate or twist the forms away from the body, which is really gonna help us when we do that back roll. You will able to pull the shoulder blades back. This exercise works the hamstrings that go all the way up to the glutes. It also strengthens the upper back or the rhomboids to help pull the shoulders back give you a natural good look and length in the mid section. Okay, starting feet, shoulder width apart, palms in front of the thighs, Okay, facing away from the body, so palms facing forward, looking up, pushing you hips back as far as you wan right into a dead lift. From this position, palms forward the whole time. We're gonna row, now, all the way up and down, perfect, kept going, push your hips back. You'll stretch. You gonna squeeze your shoulder blades back and down and where you look is really important when you do all these exercises. You never wanna look down. There's not 1 exercise other than the superman that you'll ever do when you'll be looking down at the ground. Pick a point straight ahead especially when your lowering your body. It's important to keep your back in the straight or sway back or lordotic position. You don't wanna round your back. Keep it-- You never gonna hurt your back when it's nice and straight or when it's arched. The moment you heart when it's rounded. Push your hips back as far as you can. Feel stretch all the way down the hamstring, squeeze the shoulder blades back, reach, and back up again, and make sure that you reach all the way down before you come back up. So, row up, reach all the way down, now back up, perfect, one more of those, down, squeeze, and perfect. Alright, this next exercise is a side bend with a hammer curl. So, it tones and tightens the [unk] oblique and it also works the biceps and a muscle called the brachioradialis right along the forearm, and this is important if you wanna open up a jar of pickles or something. Alright, so, lift finger tips and against you temple like you're saluting forward, then down the right side, and the first thing we're gonna do is we're gonna reach out the left obliques by tilting over, and then squeeze the oblique as we curl the biceps up at the same time. So, big stretch on the way down, curl it on the way up, stretch on the way down, and curl on the way up. Make sure, you get a full range of motion with those obliques, so when you're at the bottom of the range of motion, your left elbow is pointing up the ceiling, and then left elbow down to the ground. Left elbow up to the ceiling at 12 o'clock down to 6 o'clock. Do about 20 of these and you're gonna feel a real burn in side, side and do the same amount on the other side. This next exercise is a reverse crunch with a triceps extension. So, it gets the tone and tighten the back of the arms to the triceps area and it works the ab muscles, the rectus abdominus from the pelvis all the way up to the rib cage as you do a reverse crunch. Sometimes, this can be difficult from coordination perspective. It's like rubbing your belly and scratching your head at the same time. Break it down, first practice you triceps extension, then practice you reverse crunch, then try them together. We're gonna start off trying them together right away. So, in position, and as you extend the weights up towards the ceiling, you're gonna roll your knees in towards you chest, reverse crunch and try some extension both at the same time. Make sure you whistle while you work. Breathe out when you do the work, breathe out when your arms come up to the ceiling and when your knees coming to your chest. Breathe in as you bring the weight to the knees away from each other, breathe out and breathed in, will do 2 more of these, one more, and down all the way. Make sure you pick a soft surface to do this on like a carpet or mat, otherwise, it might bother your tailbone to do that on hard floor. This exercise is called a pullover curl up, and this works a lot muscles and it works the abs, and the area that it works in the upper body that lat area, you wanna reach straight for a second. You will feel the stretch right through this area here. If you're wearing a strapless dress, it would be the flesh that comes up that bothers you sometimes. Well, this is gonna address, and it also gonna get the tummy at the same time. So, starting with the dumbbell, 1 dumbbell grabbing the caps or the ends of the dumbbell reaching straight back, pull it over. Now, once it's directly above the rib cage, then you wanna curl up back down, doing a stretch to the lats, bring it back up, hold it above, curl up as you really breaking it up into 2 phases on the way up. The rib cage pull over and then the curl up on the way down. It's really more of 1 phase, curl up, boom, toss, big stretch, and I like this movement. It can be done anywhere with only 1 dumbbell or with a weighted ball, even a heavy fruit, a squash, a melon, a giant pineapple, something with some weight to it, a big bottle of water can be used on this exercise if you don't happen to have any dumbbells at home, do 2 more of those, curl up, back down, big stretch, rib cage, curl up, and down all the way. There you go.