Door Hinge

The Door Hinge exercise works your gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus.

-For this move, you'll need a rolled up towel, so make sure that you have one. Take this rolled up towel, put it behind your left knee, and grab a chair for some balance, bend your left knee and flex your foot, so you have that towel in nice and tight. Now, lean onto that chair and take your form onto the chair. Your left hand is gonna come to your hip. Turn your left leg out and add a slight tuck under while you soften the standing leg. From here, bring the left leg forward, keeping the knee at the same level the whole time, and then grasp it back without opening of the hip. You wanna keep them relatively square. Then bring that knee forward again, and press it back again, 10 total of these 10, and then after the 10th one, hold your leg back and continue to push it back 20 times Keeping the knee on the same level. On the 20th one, you can release, but make sure you to other side as well.