Slimming Swirl

The Slimming Swirl exercise works your gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, gluteus minimus, and legs.

-You want your heels to come together, toes slightly apart, take 1 hand to your hip and the other hand on a chair, soften your knees, lift your heels 2 inches up off of the floor, but glue those heels together tightly. Now, soften your knees deeply and lift that chest up and open. I want you to tuck your pelvis and squeeze your cheeks 10 times, really tight squeeze of those cheeks. After you've done 10 times, circle your hips to the right, still squeezing the cheeks every time you come forward with the top, 10 to the right and then repeat 10 to the left, squeezing those cheeks every time you come in to your top--