Your Legs

Cross Your Legs

The Cross Your Legs exercise works your gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, gluteus minimus, and hamstrings.

-Come on to all fours on mat. Now, give yourself a slight tuck under, so you pull the navel in, relax your shoulders. Point your left leg behind you and slight tucker under again. Now, raise that left leg after squeezing your cheek to lift the leg, bend the knee in half, and then rotate the knee to the left without letting hips open. You wanna keep your hips and your shoulders square, adjust, rotate the knee. Now, keep in this tuck under, pull that thigh up 20 times. You can keep your foot pointed to start. Now, once you're reached 20 times, remember you're only pausing by squeezing the cheek. After your 20th one, turn that knee in and tuck it behind your right leg, then lift it back up to rotate it to where it started. Again, tuck it down, and lift it back up. Ten total of those, once you completed 10 of those, hold the leg turn down, flex the foot, and give me 20 more pulses to finish, keeping the navel and the tailbone drop. Once you're done with your 20th one, you can release, but make sure you go to the other side, so you can do your right leg.