and Extend

Bend and Extend

The Bend and Extend exercise works your gluteus maximus and hamstrings.

This move attacks the center of the glute. You'll need a chair. Step away from the chair. And, as you lean forward, place your left hand on the seat of the chair and your right form on the back of the chair. Now, soften your knees. Point your left leg behind you and tuck under. So, you pulled that belly in. Pull the navel in. Now, raise your left leg up, squeezing your glute the whole time you left the leg and flex the foot because that helps kick the hamstring in. From here, I want you to just lift the leg ten times, small pulses, thinking about just the glute squeezing to lift the leg. After you've completed ten, take ten little mini bend stretches. Every time the leg extends, squeeze your cheeks together. When you're done with ten of those, circle the leg around either way you choose five times and circle it the other way five times. At the end, it's gonna burn but hold it up. Keep that tuck of your pelvis and give me five counts to finish. When you're done, stand up and repeat on the other side.