Carving Curl

The Carving Curl exercise works your gluteus maximus and hamstrings.

-For this move, you will need a mat and you will also need a 1-pound weight or rolled up towel. So, now take that 1-pound weight or rolled up towel behind your left knee and bend that knee while you flex the foot. So, you get a really tight squeeze on the towel or the weight. Now, lay on your front, take your hands underneath your forehead, relax your shoulders, and from here, push your pubic down into the mat, so you pull the navel in and you give yourself a slight tuck under. Now, you never wanna release that. So, so keep the navel pulled in the whole time. From here, start to lift to that thigh up off of the mat without arching your back. Now, you wanna lift 20 times. Make sure, you don't lift that weight or the towel slip out 20 times just lifting from squeezing your cheek. Now, once you've completed 20, switch to the right side, then come back, do 20 more on the left side and then 20 more on the right side again and then after that you're finished.