Your Backside -- Butt Workout

Sculpt Your Backside -- Butt Workout

Tone your butt with these nine exercises that target your trouble areas.

-Hi, my name Kate Albarelli. I'm the creator of Figure 4 Technique at Pure Yoga in New York City. I've designed this butt makeover routine exclusively for Fitness Magazine. For this move, you will need a mat and you will also need a 1-pound weight or rolled up towel. So, now take that 1-pound weight or rolled up towel behind your left knee and bend that knee while you flex the foot. So, you get a really tight squeeze on the towel or the weight. Now, lay on your front, take your hands underneath your forehead, relax your shoulders, and from here, push your pubic down into the mat, so you pull the navel in and you give yourself a slight tuck under. Now, you never wanna release that. So, so keep the navel pulled in the whole time. From here, start to lift to that thigh up off of the mat without arching your back. Now, you wanna lift 20 times. Make sure, you don't lift that weight or the towel slip out 20 times just lifting from squeezing your cheek. Now, once you've completed 20, switch to the right side, then come back, do 20 more on the left side and then 20 more on the right side again and then after that you're finished. This move attacks the center of the glute. You will need a chair, step away from the chair, and as you lean forward, place your left hand in the seat of the chair and your right form on the back of the chair. Now, soften your knees, point your left leg behind you and tuck under, so you pull that belly in, pull the navel in. Now, raise your left leg up, squeezing your glute the whole time you lift the leg and flex the foot 'cause that helps kick the hamstring in. From here, I want you to just lift the leg 10 times, small pulses, thinking about just the glute squeezing to lift the leg. After you've completed 10 little mini bend stretches. Every time the leg extends, squeeze your cheeks together. When you're done with 10 of those, circle the leg around either way you choose 5 times and circle with the other way 5 times. At the end, it's gonna burn, but hold it up, keep that tuck of your pelvis and give me 5 counts to finish. When you're done, stand up and repeat on the other side. -This move targets the sides of the cheek. So, you'll need a mat, come on to your back, take your feet a little wider than your hips, and flex your feet to your heels, take down into the floor. Now, lay flat on your back, take your arms by your side and turn your palms up, so that your chest remains open. From here, lift your hips up and squeeze your cheeks. You'll never wanna go any higher than your brow line, so keep the rib cage down. Lower the hips all the way down and lift back up. Take 10 full range, hold at that top, swing your hips 20 times, right and left, 20 total, squeezing the right cheek, then the left cheek, and at the end come back to the center, and pulls up squeezing your cheeks together 20 more times, and then lower all the way down at the end. -Come on to all force on mat. Now, give yourself a slight tuck under, so you pull the navel in, relax your shoulders. Point your left leg behind you and slight tucker under again. Now, raise that left leg after squeezing your cheek to lift the leg, bend the knee in half, and then rotate the knee to the left without letting hips open. You wanna keep your hips and your shoulders square, but rotate the knee. Now, keep in this tuck under, pull that thigh up 20 times. You can keep your foot pointed to start. Now, once you're reached 20 times, remember you're only pausing by squeezing the cheek. After your 20th one, turn that knee in and tuck it behind your right leg, then lift it back up to rotate it to where it started. Again, tuck it down, and lift it back up. Ten total of those, once you completed 10 of those, hold the leg turn down, flex the foot, and give me 20 more pulses to finish, keeping the navel and the tailbone dropped. Once you're done with your 20th one, you can release, but make sure you go to the other side, so you can do your right leg. You want your heels to come together, toes slightly apart, take 1 hand to your hip and the other hand on a chair, soften your knees, lift your heels 2 inches up off of the floor, but glue those heels together tightly. Now, soften your knees deeply and lift that chest up and open. I want you to tuck your pelvis and squeeze your cheeks 10 times, really tight squeeze of those cheeks. After you've done 10 times, circle your hips to the right, still squeezing the cheeks every time you come forward with the top, 10 to the right and then repeat 10 to the left, squeezing those cheeks every time you come in to your top, finish with coming center, getting a little lower and then finishing with 10 more tops squeezing your cheeks at the very tip of the top, and then once you're down with 10, you are complete. -For this move, you'll need a rolled up towel, so make sure that you have one. Take this rolled up towel, put it behind your left knee, and grab a chair for some balance, bend your left knee and flex your foot, so you have that towel in nice and tight. Now, lean onto that chair and take your form onto the chair. Your left hand is gonna come to your hip. Turn your left leg out and add a slight tuck under while you soften the standing leg. From here, bring the left leg forward, keeping the knee at the same level the whole time, and then grasp it back without opening of the hip. You wanna keep them relatively square. Then bring that knee forward again, and press it back again, 10 total of these 10, and then after the 10th one, hold your leg back and continue to push it back 20 times keeping the knee on the same level. On the 20th one, you can release, but make sure you to other side as well. Start on the right side of your body and once come down to the mat make sure your knees are at a 45 degree angle, so you don't want them right up in front of you, but rather to 45 degree angle. Now, lay all the way down on right side, let your head rest down on your right shoulder. Left hand stays flat on the mat in front of you. Now, flex your feet and lift your ankles up off of the floor. Now, open that left leg off, and lower it back down. Every time you open up the thigh, try to squeeze your cheeks. Now, you wanna take 10 of those, finish and hold at the top. Extend that top leg right at the knee and come back to your heels. Take 20 full extensions, keeping the knee totally still and after your 20th one come back to the heels and just press back with that top knee 10 times to finish and then release and make sure you go onto the other side, so that you can do your right leg. Take hold of the chair, take 1 hand on your hip because that will help keep your chest upright. Now, open your legs wide until wide second position, bend your knees deeply, till you find the 90-degree angle or close to it on the either leg. Now, sink as low as you can, and from here start to press the thighs open. So, you wanna work on getting the knees back by using your glute muscles to squeeze. Now, your feet are flat, go ahead and do 10 of those, flex your feet, so your heels take down, do 10 more, and then from there, lift your heels all the way up and finish with more. Now, at the end, you can hold it and get a little bit lower the entire time you wanna think about your cheek squeezing to allow the knees to stay held back and then you're finished. This move I designed to blast those subtle backs. So, you'll need a chair. Step away from the chair, and lean forward at about 45-degree angle with your right hand on the chair, soften your knees, point your left leg behind you, and bring your left arm overhead. Now, add a slight tuck under, so you can pull in the with the abdominals. Raise your left leg up by squeezing your butt cheek and not allowing your back to arch. Now, you wanna take 10 taps back with the elbow. So, reach back, tap the elbow to the outside of your cheek and reach forward. 10 total taps here and at the end, hold back here, and give me 20 little pulses of continuous tapping to the glute muscle. At the end, hold by counts; 2, 3, 4, and on the fifth one, you can release and go for the other side.