TLC With a Twist

Hamstring TLC With a Twist

The Hamstring TLC With a Twist exercise works your lower back, abs, butt, and legs.

-TLC for Tight Hamstrings - You're gonna start in deep lunch with your fingertips on the floor. Again, you want the thigh parallel, knee over the ankle. You're gonna start reaching your chest forward, take 3 reps, stretch back strengthening your front legs, cowering off the hips. You bend down again. You will take this hand on the outside of the foot. Twist the center of the body, reaching the head up, trying to get your head to the wall oppositely. Bring the head back down. Place the hand on the other side, straighten back out. You will bend down and do this 2 more times. If you wanna do an extra stretch to it, try to find center [unk] you can look up at your hand. Otherwise, keep your look and your focus down and the hand is on the floor, and then from here, you will just switch sides. Continue the movement on the other side.