to Find the Perfect Sports Bra

How to Find the Perfect Sports Bra

Know exactly what to look for when you're shopping for the best sports bra for you.

-Hello. I'm Linda Becker, owner of Linda's Bra Salon in New York City. And today, I am going to show you how to buy a perfect sports bra. There are 3 things that you wanna look for when you're buying a sports bra. First thing is you wanna make sure that the strap has no give or almost no give because that will help with your support. The second part is the cup and the cup you wanna make sure that the back doesn't have much give and you would like to see it double-line because that will help with the support. The third part is the band and you wanna make sure that the band has very little give. Now, Stormy has on a wonderful bra, but it doesn't fit properly. And how you can tell is for one instance, I can put my hand completely underneath this. And you shouldn't be able to do that if your bra fits properly. It's far too big in the front. When I turned her around, she's on the tightest hook and that is not good because once her bran loosens up, it's gonna be really big on her. You must start out on the loosest hook. Her cup is too small. She has part of her breasts coming out the top. So, when she exercises, she's gonna be bouncing here and she's not getting the proper support. The straps are too loose. They're falling off her shoulder. Now, Stormy is wearing the same bra in the right size. The reason why you can tell is first of all the band is extremely snug. I can only get a finger under here. The cup completely encompasses the breast, and she has no breast tissue falling out of the bra, and the straps are adjusted properly so they're not falling off her shoulder. If she puts her arms up in the air, nothing moves. The band doesn't move. It's perfect. The most important thing is that the band is really snug. I can barely get my fingers behind this band. You wanna start out on the loosest hooks so when the bra gets a little older, you're going to have room to tighten it up. And when you're on the tightest hook, you wanna throw your bra away and buy a new bra.