Ab Workout

Cinch-It Ab Workout

This ab workout has 7 abs exercises that will work your midsection and slim your waist. Do this routine 3 times a week to get firm, flat abs.

Cinch-It Secret. Side Plank Up. Get into side plank position and place a rolled up towel between your thighs, then lift your hips off the floor so your body forms a straight line. Squeeze the towel throughout the move to tone your inner thighs. Do 10 reps then switch sides and repeat. Do 3 sets total. Round Back. The key to this move is to sit a few inches away from the wall so that your back is rounded. Squeeze your abs as you bring your knees to your chest and straighten your legs. Do 10 pulses, bringing your legs an inch closer to the wall then back an inch. Do 3 sets total. Fly Up. You can do this move with or without a wall. Keeping your legs extended, pulse up, reaching your arms towards your toes. Keep your abs nice and tight. Do 20 pulses, curling your torso up one inch then lower one inch. Do 3 sets total. Pelvic Scoop. For this move, the key is to really squeeze your abs to scoop your pelvis up. Try not to let your legs do all the work as you press through the hell. Your body should form a C shape, not a straight line. Do 10 reps, switch sides, and repeat. Do 3 sets total. C Curve. Place your palms in the wall at about hip height so that your upper body is parallel to the floor when you bend over. Squeeze your abs and keep your knees slightly bent as you lift your heels high off the floor. Do 20 pulses and 3 sets total. Flat Back. Squeeze your abs as you press your fingers into the floor and lift your leg slightly off the ground. To make this easier, lift one leg at a time. To make it harder, do it without a wall. Do 3 sets of 20 reps. Twisted Curl. Recline on the floor propped up on your elbows. Squeeze your abs and curl your torso to lightly grab your left outer thigh. Pulse your body up one inch to the left. Do 20 pulses then switch sides and repeat. Do 3 sets.