It Off: 5 Fat-Burning Exercises

Melt It Off: 5 Fat-Burning Exercises

Burn fat fast with these five heart-pumping exercises. Do each exercise for 30 seconds, resting for 15 seconds between each move. Do this circuit 3 times.

Hi, I'm Rachel Buschert Vaziralli, Group Fitness Instructor at Equinox New York City and I designed this workout exclusively for Fitness. Melt It Off. Squat low. Squatting low and walking your hands forward into a push up position and then back. Jump off extra high to burn even more calories. Make it harder by doing a push up before you walk back. Continue for 30 seconds. Roll Pop-up. Lower into a squat and roll back onto the floor. Gain momentum to roll yourself back up and jump in the air, make it easier by placing your hands on the floor to push yourself into standing position. Continue for 30 seconds. Attitude Touchdown. Balance on one leg and extend the other leg behind you as high as you can. Now, reach down and touch your back leg to the floor as you place both hands to the upside of your front foot. Then return to start if the back leg raise behind you and reach your arms in the air. Continue for 30 seconds. Spider Jump. For this move, keep your arms in push-up position the entire time then jump both feet off the floor and lunge one foot forward to the outside of your hand. To make this easier, lunge forward instead of jumping. Continue alternating feet for 30 seconds. Half Turkish Getup. Lie flat on your back with one knee bend and the same arm extended towards the ceiling. The other arm is out to the side. When you lift your body up, make sure you keep your legs straight then you trace your path back to start. Continue for 30 seconds.