Leg Press

The Leg Press exercise works your butt, quads and hamstrings.

-So now were gonna be working with your gluts and your thighs, on the leg strap machine. You noticed that Leah has her knees positioned so they are a little more than a 90 degree bent. That's gonna make sure that we don't hit the waist as you come down. And if you can't get that, you need to adjust the seats so with back more. With seated position about midway on the platform, that's a very good overall gluts and thigh developer. You should position your seat a little higher, it works more in the gluts and lower it works more on the quads and when she went out a little more, you get more in the inner thigh. Now, we are just gonna press out and she's gonna come back in, just before the sit and press out again. You noticed that her toes are pointing that of a 7 degree angle outside, so that they move in line with her knees.