Chin-up Machine

Assisted Chin-up Machine

The Assisted Chin-up Machine exercise works your upper back, shoulders and biceps.

We're gonna do an assisted chin up. This is a great exercise for those of you who can't do a regular chin up. And the beauty of the machine is you can make it harder or easier by adjusting the pin. The more weight you add, the easier the exercise. So, Lea is gonna place your feet on this pole here and then the other machines you have to kneel, but this one happens to be where you place your feet on it. And she's gonna grab the weight in the upper bar at a little wider angle and that's gonna get more of the outer portion of the lats. She's gonna lift up, squeeze her back muscles as she comes up and come down nice and smooth. Notice that her posture is very erect and if you wanna take a little bit of a closer grip, you're gonna get more in the lower aspect of the lats.