Dempsey's Fit Fundraiser

Patrick Dempsey's Fit Fundraiser

The Grey's Anatomy star talks about biking, running, and walking for a good cause and shares his fitness adventures.

-We're here with McDreamy himself. We just finished up the Dempsey Challenge. A run, walk, and bike ride to benefit the Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope and Healing, which he opened after his mom was diagnosed. Here is the scope. -Cycling is-- I love it. It's a great sport. -Right. -It's a communal sport. I think [unk] it's great for many people out there. You're going some-- -Right. -It's good for your body. It's just really good for your soul too because you get out and, you know, you decompressed. You will get rid of the stress. Because there was nothing around for anybody whose going to [unk]. I think you can make a difference if you have one in your area. -Right. -and then commit to that and that's what I felt was going to do-- that I think when you get your new clips. Something you're clipping in. -Yup. -and they're really tight. At first, you come to the stop light and you take the amount of time on the lever bringing out like the wheel will wobble. It comes back up immediately. You stay down. -Okay. -and it's like [unk] Oh God I'm-- -I'm here. Thanks. -Thank you very much. -Yeah. -On that guy. -Yeah, see you've done that. -Yeah, I love it actually. -You're right -She is salty, vulnerable, -Vulnerable. -Vulnerable. -You need to explain salty. -Inquisitive. -Okay. -and tenacious. -Okay, salty. -Yeah, salty because it's-- -If you live on the coast, you get a little salty. -Ah okay. -but after that you get really vulnerable and wonderful in helping. -Outside. -and I think saltiness comes from the vulnerability. -Yeah. -It's like buying a pair of shoes, which I think you can [unk] -Yup. -You wanna have the right fit. -Okay. -and it's like have a new suit or anything like that. You wanna make sure it's tailored to fit you. -Okay. -You have to approach it up. -Great. -You should ask yourself what is that you wanna do. What type of riding you wanna do and if you have a great buying shop, they will take care of you. -Okay. -If one that has like a spanks built in to it, so you get-- -If you're going and you're have been trained properly you got that little bit of role. -Okay. -It can somehow move you a lot, -Nice. -so just like your upper body is in great shape. -I like it. I like it.