Rotate and Reach

Inner-Thigh Rotate and Reach

The Inner-Thigh Rotate and Reach exercise works your inner thighs, butt, abs, triceps, and shoulders.

-This next exercise is called the Inner-Thigh Rotate and Reach, and you're gonna need a set of light dumbbells, preferably 3 pounds. You're gonna start by turning out your left foot. Place your heel in front of your toe. Pull your abs really tight making sure your hips are square, then bend your elbows at 90 degrees, really roll those shoulders back. Now, start by just pulsing that front leg, really use your abs to balance, then rotate and reach, opening to a T. Bring it back it and back to center. You got it. So, you're balancing as you're working the postural muscles of the upper back, rotator cuffs, and reach, keeping the abs tight, stabilizing, and pulsing through that inner-thigh. You got it. Now, keep it going. I want you to try 20 to 25 reps of these on each leg, and when you're done, you're gonna have some fabulous inner-thighs.