Jump Shot

The Jump Shot exercise works your butt, outer thighs, inner thighs, abs, and shoulders.

This next exercise is called the Jumpshot and I'm gonna take you back to the playground, we're gonna have a little bit of fun. Send your hips back as if you're defending in basketball. You're gonna shuffle to your right, shuffle to your left, and then give me a big jumpshot. You got it? Again, down, defense right, defense left, up, jumpshot. Again. Defense, defense up, jumpshot. Keep it going, come on. Fade out into those legs. You got it. Up. Jumpshot. Really working the back of those legs on the defense. You gotta get down low. I want one more. Down low, defense, defense, jumpshot, excellent. Now, keep it going for another 20, 25 reps, you're definitely gonna work that behind.