Blast Workout

Lower-Body Blast Workout

Tone and sculpt your legs, butt and thighs with this fun, 15-minute exercise routine.

Hi, I'm Jeanette Jenkins, president of the Hollywood Trainer and creator of Blast Off Belly Fat. I'm also a Fitness Magazine Advisory Board Member and I've created this amazing lower-body blast workout especially for you. Are you ready? Let's give it a try. This first exercise is called the "Behind Definer" because it's definitely gonna help you tone and sculpt your behind. We're gonna start with the reverse one. You're gonna step your right leg back, lower down, and the arms go forward into a front out, then you drive through your left foot, squeezing your abs tight. Balance and tip over into a deadlift, overloading that balancing weight. Step back again, reverse lunge, front out, drive through that legs, tip over, good. Again, reverse lunge, the arms go forward, drive through that front leg, twist through the heel in really recruit that buttock. Good. Back with that leg. Again, step back, stomach is tight, drive through that heel, balance by focusing on a spot and pulling the abs in tight. One more time. Good job. Now, try to take it to 20 reps and really tone the back of that leg. This next exercise is a roundhouse jab cross combination, and the good thing about kicks is that they really tone and help you sculpt the buttocks and the thighs. You're gonna start in your fighting stance with your right foot forward and both hands up. Pull your abs in tight. Now, step with your left foot, then extend out into your kick. Follow through the jab and a pivot into a cross. Here we go, step, kick, jab, cross; step, kick, jab, cross. Good. Keep it going. Step into that kick. Now, I want you to try to take it to 20 to 25 repetitions on each side. This next exercise, you're gonna need a set of 3- or 5-pound dumbbells, and it's called the "Arabesque Kickback." You're gonna balance on your left leg, tip over slight and reach that right leg back, extend the energy through the leg. Pull your abs in tight, bring your elbows back, and then press the arms back as you extend the leg at the same time. Again, press and extend. So, you're working both leg that you're lifting and the leg that you're balancing on, as well as the back of those arms. You got it. Now, I want you to keep going for another 20 to 25 repetitions and really sculpt that behind. This next exercise is called the "Jump Shot" and I'm gonna take you back to the playground. We're gonna have a little bit of fun. Send your hips back as if you're depending in basketball. You're gonna shuffle to your right, shuffle to your left, and then give me a big jump shot. You got it? Again, down, depends right, depends left, up, jump shot. Again, depends, depends, up, jump shot. Keep it going. Come on. Stay down into those legs. You got it. Up, jump shot. Really working the back of those legs on the deep in together. Get down low. I want one more. Down low, depends, depends, jump shot. Excellent. Now, keep it going for another 20 to 25 reps. You're definitely, you know, work that behind. This next exercise is called "The Inner Thigh Rotate and Reach" and you're gonna need a set of light dumbbells, preferably 3 pounds. You're gonna start by turning out your left foot; place your heel in front of your toes. Pull your abs in tight, making sure your hips are square, then bend your elbows at 90 degrees, really roll those shoulders back. Now, start by just pulsing that front leg. Really use your abs to balance, then rotate and reach open into a T. Bring it back in and back to center. You got it. So, you're balancing as you're working the postural muscles of the upper back. Rotator cuffs and reach, keeping the abs tight, stabilizing, and pulsing through that inner thigh. You got it. Now, keep it going. I want you to try 20 to 25 reps of these on each leg. And when you're done, you're gonna have some fabulous inner thighs