The Mermaid exercise tones your abs and obliques.

-This one's called the Mermaid. Ana starts on her back. She's gonna lift all the way up with her knees bent, pulls her chest through, then go side-to-side, switching her legs, kinda like a mermaid tail, all the way back. She extends, comes up, knees are bent, that's it. Pull the chest through, and takes it side. Here, you're hitting the obliques, both the inner and outer obliques, both sides of the waist, all the way back down. Here, it's the rectus abdominis right down the center, then she takes it into the side. This is whittling away right at those sides. We call those love handle areas; everybody's favorite part, right? Lift it way up, all the way up, and then she mermaids to the side, back to center, all the way to the side, and lay out on the beach.