Beach Ballet

The Beach Ballet exercise tones your shoulders, abs, butt and quads.

-Our next move is called the Beach Ballet. So, Ana has her ball, her beach ball, in front of her. She's gonna bring the leg up and then bend the standing leg, and take it back behind. As she comes up, she scoops the belly, straightens the leg. Good. She's gonna take it back behind again. Every time you bend there, you're getting a real thigh burn, taking it all the way back. Leg is bent behind, extending. Good! She comes all the way up. Now see it. This time, she's gonna extend her back leg and get the hamstring involved, too. So, the back leg extends all the way. And now, we're gonna take it to the other side. So, she brings the knee up. Good. She takes the standing leg. She bends it, extends the leg behind, good, and then all the way back up. Nice! As she comes up, she wants to scoop a little bit and pull up in the belly. Awesome! Take it out, lift that ball up a little bit, nice, all the way back up. One more time, now send the back leg. Now, you can get the hamstring involved right there. Awesome! All the way back up, bring the knee in, and that's your Beach Ballet.