Three-Legged Dog

The Three-Legged Dog exercise tones your butt, quads, hamstrings, and calves.

-This next move in your bikini workout is the Three-Legged Dog. Start in a classic down dog in inverted V, hands about shoulder width, and your feet about hip width distance apart. Good. She's gonna take the back leg up and then press to the ball with standing legs. The heel comes off the floor as she lowers it back down. She lifts straight up. It's like half raised while you're in a Three-Legged Dog. She comes up, good, presses the heel down. Last one, leg goes up high, she sweeps that foot through between the hands. Hands come right up so that her shoulders are way over her hips, and then her knee is right over her ankle. And she lowers the hands back down, steps it back to that classic down dog. Good! Opposite leg comes up. Press down to the ball of the foot, heel comes off, and press it down. Good! Core is engaged, a lot of action there, good. Press the heel down. Lift up, this back leg stays high, she gives it one more, heel comes off the floor, sweeps the foot through between the hands, hands come high in a classic lunge, squeezing the [unk] thigh, shoulders over the hips. Good! Hands to the mat, step back, and regular down dog. Take it to the first leg, all the way up, pass the heel, and lower. Good! Press, a lot of core, belly button into the spine, lifting up with the heel. Good! Keep that back leg high. One more time, sweep it through, foot comes right between the hands, bring the arms up overhead, hands back down to the mat, take it back to that regular down dog. Have your hands really even. Take the opposite leg up, press down to the ball, and press. Good! Up, head is relaxed. Nice! Keep the belly button in, lift the heel up. One more time, heel goes up, calf raised up, sweep that foot through, bring it right between the hands, right up, shoulders over hips, knee over ankle, hands back down to the mat, downward facing dog. That's your Three-Legged Dog series.