Monkey Row

The Monkey Row exercise tones your triceps and biceps.

-This is called the Monkey Row. So, Ann starts with her hand on the stability ball. She's gonna bring the biceps in then extend out with the triceps, bring it back in with the dumbbell and full extension down. Good! See how her long, her spine is really long. Her core is engaged. She's not lifting the shoulder up, keeping the shoulder back, and fully extending, really isolating in those muscles, biceps and then the triceps. One more here, good! Full extension, take it all the way down, and then switch sides. Excellent! Again, real stability here making sure the core is lifted as she extends out and brings it in and down. You wanna feel the burn on the way up, the way out, all the way in and down, making sure you hit all points of it without any sort of moving through it really fast. You wanna take this nice and slow. Do one more. Bring it up, full extension out, all the way in, and all the way down. That's your Monkey Row.