a Bikini Body in 4 Weeks 2010

Get a Bikini Body in 4 Weeks 2010

This total-body toning routine shapes shoulders, fights arm jiggle, flattens abs, and sculpts your butt . Do 1-2 sets of each exercise 2-3 times a week along with cardio to get a bikini body fast. You'll need a set of 3- to 5-pound dumbbells.

Hi, I'm Bethany Lyons, the group fitness regional manager for Crunch New York City. I designed a bikini workout for Fitness Magazine to help get your body ready for the beach. This is called the Monkey Row, so Ann starts with her hand on the stability ball. She's gonna bring the bicep in then extend out with the tricep, bring it back in with the dumbbell, and full extension down. Good. See how long-- her spine is really long, her core is engaged, she's not lifting the shoulder up, keeping the shoulder back and fully extending, really isolating in those muscles, bicep and then the tricep. One more here. Good. Full extension, take it all the way down and then switch sides. Excellent. Again, real stability here, making sure the core is lifted as she extends out and brings it in and down. You wanna feel the burn on the way up, the way out, all the way in, and down, making sure you hit all points of it without any sort of moving through it really fast. You wanna take this nice and slow. Do one more. Bring it up, full extension out, all the way in, and all the way down. That's your Monkey Row. Okay, the next one is called the Booty Swirl. Couple alignment cues before you get started. You wanna make sure your core is engaged, belly button to spine, hands are down right under the shoulders especially the thumb and forefinger side into the mat, and in then back of the neck, lungs, and your eyes are set right between the fingertips. Good. She's gonna take the leg straight up and then make a circle with the knee, all the way out to the side and back in and she goes around, right, and brings it around, kind of swirls it in, you're gonna feel the glut start to get some fire, some heat in there. That's exactly what you want. One more, she places this knee down, takes the other side. It goes straight up behind, comes all the way around and in and as you circle, the bigger the circle, the more the burn. If you can get it up real high, that's great. If not so much, you start with it small and then you get to a bigger one. Last one, all the way around, she places the knee down, there's your Booty Swirl. This next move in your bikini workout is the Three-Legged Dog. Start in a classic down dog, an inverted V, hands about shoulder width and your feet about hip width distance apart. Good. She's gonna take the back leg up and then press to the ball with the standing leg so the heel comes off the floor. She lowers it back down. She lifts straight up, it's like calf raise while you're in a three-legged dog. She comes up, good. Presses the heel down. Last one. Leg goes up high. She sweeps that foot through between the hands. Hands come right up so that her shoulders are way over her hips and then her knee is right over her ankle and she lowers the hands back down, stuffs it back to that classic down dog. Good. Opposite leg comes up. Press down through the ball of the foot, heel comes off and press it down. Good. Core is engaged, a lot of action there, good. Press the heel down, lift up, this back leg stays high, she gives it one more. Heel comes off the floor, sweeps the foot through between the hands, hands come high and classic lunge, and squeezing the thigh, shoulders over the hips. Good. Hands to the mat, step back, regular down dog. Take it to the first leg, all the way up. Press the heel and lower. Good. Press, a lot of core, belly button into the spine, lifting up with the heel. Good, keep that back leg high. One more time. Sweep it through, foot comes right between the hands, bring the arms up overhead. Hands back down to the mat, take it back to that regular down dog. Have your hands really even. Take the opposite leg up, press down through the ball and press. Good. Up, head is relaxed, nice, keep the belly button in, lift the heel up. One more time. Heel goes up, calf raised up, sweep that foot through, bring it right between the hands, right up, shoulders over hips, knee over ankle, hands back down to the mat, downward facing dog. That's your Three-Legged Dog series. This move is called the Breast Stroke on land. Okay. So she starts-- Ann starts in a squat position with her hands right in front of her chest. She's gonna extend the arms overhead, bring them all the way out to the side, just like a classic breast stroke and then back into the chest. Good. Straight up, all the way around. Good. Bring it in. So she extends up and then she brings her arm, it's almost like a lat pull down so she should feel it right in the upper back muscles, taking it all the way up extension, all the way around, good. She's keeping her weight back out of her knees so that the weight is really back in the gluts, in the thighs. She's got three more, take it all the way around. Good. Back to center. Last two. Full extension. Keep those hips low. That's it. Ana, keep breathing. One more. Take it all the way up, all the way open, nice and wide, back to center, and you're done. Our next move is called the Beach Ballet. So Ana has her ball, her beach ball, in front of her. She's gonna bring the leg up and then bend the standing leg and take it back behind. As she comes up, she scoops up the belly, straightens the leg. Good. She's gonna take it back behind. Again, every time you bend there, you're getting a real thigh burn. Taking it all the way back, leg is bent behind, extending, good. She comes all the way up. Now see, this time, she's gonna extend her back leg and get the hamstring involved, too, so the back leg extends all the way and now we're gonna take it to the other side so she brings the knee up, good, she takes the standing leg, she bends it, extends the leg behind, good, and then all the way back up, nice. As she comes up, she wants to scoop a little bit and pull up in the belly. Awesome. Take it out, lift that ball up a little bit. Nice. All the way back up. One more time, not extend the back leg. Now you can get the hamstring involved right there. Awesome. All the way back up, bring the knee in and that's your Beach Ballet. This one's called the Mermaid. Ana starts on her back. She's gonna lift all the way up with her knees bent, pulls her chest through, then goes side to side switching her legs kinda like a mermaid's tail, all the way back, she extends. Comes up, knees are bent, that's it. Pulls the chest through and takes it side. Here, you're hitting the obliques, both the inner and outer obliques. Both sides through the waist, all the way back down. Here is the rectus abdominus right down the center and she takes it into the side. This is whittling away right at those sides. We call those love handle areas. Everybody's favorite part, right? Lift it way up, all the way up, and then two mermaids to the side, and lay out on the beach. We call this next one the Thumbs Down, Thumbs Up, for a fully body workout, you're gonna use your chest, your back, and your core. She's gonna start in a modified pushup stance. The thumbs are touching. Takes one hand to the back without losing stability, good. Comes right back down, thumbs touch, hand comes all the way behind her back, and she places it down. If you want more of a challenge, you're gonna place the feet down, come all the way up into a full plank position. Now that hand comes behind, touches the back, that's it. Strong, excellent. Thumbs touch, take the other hand right behind your back, try to maintain alignment and you place it back down, knees come down. Okay, this move is called the Starfish. Ann starts with her feet together, her legs come off the floor, then her shoulders are off and then as she twists side to side taking the weight with her across the body, she's getting the shoulder blade off the floor so not only has she lifted up, rectus abdominus is working, but as she twists side to side, she's getting that inner and outer oblique. One more this side, one more all the way down, and then relax.