Short Shorts Workout

The Short Shorts Workout

Tone your butt, thighs and legs in just 15 minutes with these exercises.

-Hi, my name is Tiffany Rothe, owner of Center 8 Studio in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, and the creator of the all-new Yoga Mat Workout DVD. I designed this express leg workout exclusively for Fitness Magazine. -The Short Shorts Workout. 90-Degree Lift. If you don't have a yoga mat for this move, you can use the chair back. Keep your back nice and flat as you lift your leg out to the side nice and slow. You're going to do 10 to 15 reps on this leg holding that last rep for 10 seconds, then switch legs and repeat. Standing Leg Curl. You can either do this hamstring curl freestanding or hold on to the back of a chair. Squeeze the yoga mat between your calf and hamstring as you pulse your leg up six inches. Do 10 reps on this leg then switch sides and repeat. Heaven and Earth. For this move, you're gonna maintain a squat position throughout. Even as you uncurl, only come halfway up out of the squat. If you don't have a yoga mat, you can hold on to a towel here. Do 15 reps. Open and Shut. Start by leaning slightly back and lifting the mat overhead, then bring the mat and your leg together in front of you. You're going to do 10 repetitions on this leg then switch sides and repeat. Inverted Butterfly Leaps. Place your palms on the floor and maintain and inverted V position then click your heels together over the mat. Try and do it slowly with control. You're going to do 20 reps total.