Ab Exercises From Around the World

Best Ab Exercises From Around the World

Do these top ab exercises from around the world to tone your stomach from every angle. Do 2 sets of each exercise to complete this workout.

Best Abs in the World: Afata- This move is simple. By drawing a box with your hips, you go front, front, back, back, front, front, back, back. Keep your abs tight and keep it up for move. Paddler- Maintain this V-sit position as you paddle from side to side that equals 1 rep. You're going to be doing 10 reps total. If it's too tough, keep you feet on the floor. Pisao kick- For this kick, you're gonna bring the knee into your chest and the press your heel out to the side. Do 10 kicks with this leg then switch sides and repeat. If you're advance, try not to put your foot on the floor until you're through with kicks. Windshield wiper- Keep your shoulders and back glued to the mat you bring your legs out to the side as low as you can. The slower you go, the more it will challenge your abs. go from side to side to do 1 rep and do 8 reps total. Flying side crunch- Hinge at your hip as if you're bowing to the queen and then bring your leg out to the side as high as you can. Do 30 seconds on this leg and switch sides and repeat. Ax chop- You can either do this move by tying a band 2 overhead or securing it to a doorknob and doing the move on your knees. Do either all reps to 1 side, then switch sides and repeat or alternate your reps. You'll do 10 reps per side. Torso tightener- You're going to remain plie squat position and keep your abs nice and tight as you sway back and forth turning the dumbbell as you go. As you get more advanced, make the swing more fluid. Do 8 reps to each side. Freestyle rainbow- Keep your abs tight as you trace a rainbow overhead, standing and then squatting as you go. You can also use a medicine ball for this move. Do 10 reps. Pop Up- This ab move is surfer inspired. You're gonna start by pressing off from push-up position into kind of a lunge bouncing on a surfboard. You'll do 10 reps either alternating legs or do 5 reps on 1 leg and switch legs and repeat. Attack- This is not your average sit. It's meant to mimic the attack in volleyball. As you come up, keep your arms overhead and then bring them forward. If it's too tough to do with the weight, you can leave it off or have a partner sit on you feet. Keep your abs tight and do 10 reps just like this.