Improvement: Jackie Warner's At-Home Workout

Home Improvement: Jackie Warner's At-Home Workout

No gym? No problem. Burn calories and sculpt all over with this circuit workout you can do at home. These simple tools can be stashed by the sofa and won't cost a lot of cash.

-Home improvement. Kickstand Squat: Pretend you're sitting in a chair that's diagonally behind you for this move. Do 15 reps on each leg. Fly Bridge: You're going to really squeeze your glutes as you come up into a bridge for this move and arms are directly over your chest. Do 15 reps total. Weighted Swing: Standing with your feet wide, you're going to swing the dumbbell behind you as you squat and up to shoulder level as you stand. Do 15 swings per arm. Punches: Standing in a staggered stance with abs nice and tight, punch your fists forward, 15 times per hand. Ball Pike: You can roll the ball towards you keeping legs straight like this or bend your knees to roll it in towards your chest. Do 15 reps total. Hopscotch: Stay in a nice crouched position as you hop in and out of the circle. That's one repetition. Do 15 reps total. Balanced Biceps Curl: Curl the weights up as you squat and lower them as you stand. Keep that knee lifted throughout. Do 15 reps on each leg. Rainbow Lunge: Extend your arms overhead and then forward as you lunge. You can also do this move holding a dumbbell in each hand. Do 15 reps per leg. Squat and Row: Just like the name of the move says, you're gonna row the handles of your resistance tube by your ribs as you squat. Do 15 reps total. Core Twist: Keep your feet about a foot apart and your upper body still as you twist the ball from side to side for 1 repetition. You're going to do 15 reps total.