Baby Burn: Power-Sculpting Workout

Burn Baby Burn: Power-Sculpting Workout

Squeeze in cardio and muscle-toning exercises in one fierce, fast workout.

-Burn baby burn-Jack and high run combo. This move is 2 classics combined. We're gonna do jumping jacks followed by high knee run. You'll do 4 repetitions of the jumping jacks and then 4 high knee runs. Switch back and forth for thirty seconds. That's one set. You'll rest thirty seconds and then repeat that 2 times. Squat pop- In this move, you're going to squat from side to side with a little hop in between for thirty seconds to. Rest thirty seconds and then repeat. Aim to do 3 sets total. Piston- For this move, you're going to start in lunge position, then press up as you curl. Keep you pace nice and snappy and do you ten repetitions on this leg. Switch legs and repeat for another ten reps to complete your set. Do three sets total. Plank lunge row. This plank lunge row is just as it sounds. Start in flank position. Lunge forward with your leg and go back into plank and then row dumbbell. You're gonna do five to ten reps on this side. Switch sides and repeat. Aim to do just three sets total. Double time wood chop. The wood chop is just like it sounds. Go top to bottom and you pivot. For beginners you can use we one dumbbell. You're going to do ten reps to this side. Switch sides and repeat and aim for three cents.