Booty Camp Workout

The Booty Camp Workout

Fight flab and tone your lower body with these proven butt, thigh and leg exercises.

The Booty Camp Workout: Fly away- Try to make you body parallel to the floor as you bring dumbbells forward and then out to the sides to complete 1 repetition, try not to let your foot hop step in between reps. You'll do 5 to 10 reps total and switch sides and repeat. In and out lunge- Start by doing diagonal lunges out to the sides. Make sure that your knee and toes are pointing in the same direction and sink down into the lunge before moving on. You'll do 10 lunges this way then turn around and do 10 crossover lunges. Step your foot across you body and sink into the lunge making sure once again that knees and toes are facing the same direction. Ski booth sit- The key to this squat is squeeze the tile between you knees and only come up halfway for each squat. You're going to do 8 to 10 reps just like this. Duck squat- For this move, you feet are wider than shoulder width apart with your toes turned out 45 degrees. The key here is to squat down, lift you heels, and then come up only halfway to standing. You're going to do 8 to 10 reps just like this. Tennis shuffle- For this move, you're going to hop out to the side lower into single leg squat and repeat it to the other side to complete 1 rep. You'll do 8 to 10 reps total. Side shaper- Start with your hips stacked as you do the side plank and then raise your leg, bring it back down and lower to complete 1 repetition. You'll do 5 repetitions on this side, then switch sides and repeat. Crunch and lift- To start this move, you're gonna feel your shoulder blades and head off the mat then lower your legs as close to the floor as you can without arching your back. Bring them back up and repeat. Keep your abs nice and tight and you'll do 10 to 12 reps. Upside-Down Crunch- This move is very subtle. You're gonna arch your back slightly, then tuck your pelvis under to crunch. Imagine as if you are doing crunches on the flip side. Try to hold the tuck for 5 counts. You'll do 8 to 10 reps