Summer Salads

Better TV has the recipe to keeping your summer salads light.

-Do drench your salad with dressing and then overload it with your favorite toppings? Well, you don't have to give it all up all those goodies on there. You just have to think moderation. Fitness nutrition editor, Sara Wells, shows us how to make the perfect salad that's actually good for you. -There are 4 rules for making a healthy salad. As first is that you wanna pick colorful veggies as your base. You should feel free to load up as many as you want to and the goal is that for instance here we have yellow, red, and green peppers. You don't want your salad just to be green because different colors provide different antioxidants and if a salad is not mostly veggies, it's really not a salad. So, feel free, I mean that really should fill you up with between fibers. So, then you wanna make sure that you pick a lean protein about the size of your palm. It's a good portion size. Here we have some grilled chicken, fat grilled salmon, tuna, just not Tuna salad because the menu is packs on the fat. tofu, beans, whatever else you like. You could actually add some fruit too, slice grapes, slice apples, and you wanna keep only 2 fats on your salad. So, you like cheese, that's one and your dressing unto the other. You can have avocado, you can have nuts, but only 2. And the last is took keep the dressing on the side. If you're at a restaurant and it's all put over. You have no idea how much you're getting. So, if you have it on the side, not only can you see a portion size, but you probably also eat less, just dip fork in and dip it into your salad. It's a good way to cut back on calories and fat. So, this salad first of all it has really heavy high fat rate into dressing sitting on top, which is I don't know, and it also has cheese, it has Chinese noodles on top which are fried and bad choice and also has walnuts, so you're like way over on the fat here and it only has, I don't know if you can see, but only has some tomatoes and some cucumbers, so it really doesn't have enough vegetables on that. So, here we have romaine lettuce, another good choice should be spinach or any other leafy green, iceberg not so good, doesn't have much nutritional value, so I'm gonna put in some lettuce as our base and then I'm gonna add 3 different colored peppers and then some cucumbers. Here we have has some celery and some mushrooms and lastly some tomatoes. So really, our salad is can be mostly vegetables. And then I'm gonna add my protein, which is in most cases chicken and again roughly gonna be about the size of my palm. So, this is a good portion size right here, and just add some more variety and mix things up. I'm gonna put some grapes on it, some fatty cheese. That's one of 2 fats and lastly I have [unk] dressing, which you can leave on the side or if you wanna measure out 2 tablespoons, which is usually a serving. Then, you can feel free to pour it up there, so take in and enjoy. -This has been better.TV where always on with tips and ideas to make your life better where always on with tips and ideas to make your life better. Send us your thoughts, Together, we'll make your home, family, and life better. Thanks for watching.