a Marathon

Running a Marathon

BetterTV's Jill Cordes shows us what it's like to run for a good cause as she participates in the NYC Marathon to help raise money for Team for Kids, a charity helping young kids stay healthy and active.

-Hi, I'm Jill Cordes, and I am running the New York City Marathon in 2 short days. Okay, there I said it. Oh my gosh! It's almost here. I can't believe it. Running New York is tough because New York's a really hard marathon to get into 'cause so many people sign up. So, I went the route of a charity. I'm running for charity called Team for Kids, and I actually think it's a great idea no matter where you live in the country because it gives your run a greater purpose. You're running for a cause better than yourself and bigger than yourself, but also, I have the support of an entire team behind me. -This is your Team for Kids technical long-sleeved t-shirt. -Oh. -And your Team for Kids hat. -Did I really say it's 2 days away? Oh my gosh! I am so nervous. Team for Kids, or TFK, helps kids who don't have a lot of money or live in underserved areas by getting them involved in running. By doing so, it gives them a sport they care about, are passionate about, and ultimately aims to give them a running start in life. -I say to all the runners, "If you think you don't wanna run 6 times a mile tonight, suck it up and do it because what you're putting out is the effort and the money in the program for the development for these kids that they need. -Right. -You give any of these kids any sort of competition and they just love it. They eat it up. They thrive on that. -As to the marathoners, myself included, final advise for race day? -Hold back that first mile and hold back that second mile 'cause you're in great shape. She's a good athlete, but I want her to have a great race, not a good 2 miles. -I know. I'm scared I'm gonna like---- -That's---- that---- Everybody's gonna be getting [unk]. -I know. I'm gonna hold back. The trick is not to go too fast out of the gate. Preserve your energy until the end. I wanna do negative splits so I'm passing everyone at the end. -A negative split means you go faster in the second half of the race. -Which is harder. -The negative is positive. -Right. Negative is positive. -Negative is positive. -And inside this place, all you feel is positive energy. Alright, so, I'm here at the Jacob Javits Convention Center. This is the big expo where all the runners come to pick up their number, which means, this makes me officially official. -One, two, three [unk]. -My number is 9726. Two days later, it's game time. Today, we are on the Staten Island ferry, on our way over to Fort Wadsworth Park, which is the staging ground for the beginning of the New York City Marathon. Can you see that bridge, right there in the distance? That's the Verrazano. That is mile 1 for the race. The ferry this morning is surprisingly calm. I think everyone's really excited but also, there's this sort of Zen-like feeling. We're all thinking about the race. -I'm surprisingly calm today. -Yeah. -Yesterday was frenetic, running around madly trying to procure things. -Right. -But today, a couple of hours away from the start, can't do anything now. -Once over on Staten Island, the army of runners board buses bound for the start. TFK has a special tent set up just for us, and there's plenty of anxiety and energy inside just waiting to burst out. I need two safety pins. You know the Zen I talked about on the ferry? Gone. There's still a lot to do before I get to the start. This is one of my running partners for Team for Kids. How are you feeling?-I'm feeling very anxious but good. -Call it controlled chaos. -See you at the finish line, baby. -Yes, baby. -Alright. -So long! -Bye! See you at the finish. -Bye! -Bye, John. Good luck. And that's the last you'll see of me for a while as the herd begins to move towards the Verrazano Bridge. -Go Team for Kids, yay! -Collectively, we make this marathon one of the largest in the world, which makes it that much more exciting. All along the course there's music and people cheering you on. That's my husband right there holding that sign. Thanks, honey. At mile 14, the photographer catches up with me in Brooklyn right before we head over to Queens. -How are you?-I'm great. First 10, I went a little fast but still feel really good. -Welcome to Queens. Everybody is a friend here. 39,000 people coming over to the bridge from Brooklyn, and now they're happy to get to us. Next stop is Manhattan, everybody. -Right now, running with my personality, so much fun, last 6 with my heart, right on strategy. For Manhattan, it's up to the Bronx, then the final push into Central Park where I caught up with my crew after the fact. It was so much fun, like I almost didn't want it to end until about mile 24. I saw the Team for Kids at different places. That was amazing. Raising $3.5 million so that kids can get proper exercise in New York City is obviously very inspirational. Okay, I'm exhausted. Although I'm still flying on the high from the race, but I gotta to stretch, gotta go see my team, congratulate my other friends. And then I'm using the hot shower, ice my legs, and eat whatever I want. I can't wait! I'm Jill Cordes, thanks for watching my marathon, and good luck with yours. Whatever it is you do, you can do it!