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Today's workout with Kristi Yamaguchi is based on the work of Joseph Pilates. Although Kristi has been doing this work for many years in preparation for the Olympics as well as Dancing with the Stars, the work is appropriate for people of all different fitness levels. The fundamental foot Pilates is based on core strength, breath, and body alignment. Okay, on this exercise, we're going to kneel on the band. -Rights. -And we're gonna take both arms out to the sides, keeping those shoulders down, pulling your navel to your back. Take a breath. Reach those arms up overhead, keeping the neck uninvolved and bring them back open wide. Rotate from the waist continuing that tension on that core reaching through that arm. Center again and then reaching back to the other side and back to center. Back to the beginning position. And arms still out to the side, pulling the abdominals back to your spine, arms overhead and open wide. Rotate at the waist. Let the arms follow and center and waist and center and breath and resting position. And repeat. Out to the side, lifting overhead, hold the bellybutton to the back, open, and the waist takes you around in rotation, and center, extending through the arms tall, and center, and rest. And repeat up to side, extending long through the arms and up overhead and open to the side and pivot. Rotate at the waist, and center, and rotate at the waist, and center to begin. And last time, arms up; pulling those abdominals in as you get tired, arms overhead and open. Take that rotation to spiral yourself up and around, and center, and up and around, and center, and finish. Very good! So with this exercise, let's lie you down on your side. You're gonna align your body up in 1 straight line; shoulders, hips, knee, and foot. You're gonna hold your center and maintain your waist. Lift the leg up. Turn out into external rotation, trying to get your toes to face the ceiling. Bring the leg front and touchdown. Bring the leg back up and to center. Take the leg behind you. Set it down. Up together and rest. Repeat. Check in to your abdominals and up, forward. No movement to the center. Up, center, and back. Touch, up. Keep reaching the leg long and set it down and repeat. Up, forward, touch without moving the torso at all. Up, back, and touch. Up and set it down and last one, leg up. Bellybutton to the spine. Touching, up, center, and back. Maintain that alignment through your torso. Set and center and rest. Excellent! To begin this exercise, Kristi, you're gonna lie on your side. Extend through the legs. Begin by lifting the top leg up using the bottom leg. From there, you're gonna begin to make small circles with your legs, maintaining the stability in your torso and reverse that direction. Stable in your core and set the legs down. Take a breath and abdominals pulled back towards your spine. Lift the top leg with the bottom leg and begin small circles, maintaining your stability and your center. Three circles forward, three circles back and rest. Third set. Check into your center and lift the top leg with the bottom leg, and circle, and back, stable as you get tired and set it down. Last one, and legs up, and circle, two, and three, two and three, and rest. Moving on to the next series, up with the top, and you're gonna to scissor your legs front and back with the same stability to your center up to 10 times if you can keep the stability through your core. Meet the legs in to center and set them down. Take a breath. Lift the top leg with the bottom leg. Hold the bellybutton to the spine and scissor the legs without any movement in the trunk. Good job! And meet the legs in to center. Check into the alignments. Set that down and as you bring the legs up, try to keep the waist lifted on the underneath side. Legs come up and begin your scissor. Remember the whole thing staying stabilized from the middle. Legs work freely from the hips and set that down. To repeat 1 last time and rest. Up with the legs and scissor, two. Maintaining the core center to meet in to center and finish. Very good! Then you go on to repeat the other side. Okay, with this exercise Kristi, we're gonna extend through the legs, aligning the bones up, extend through the leg bringing that leg up to 90 degrees, maintaining the length from the standing side. And you're gonna to begin to take small circles with the leg, maintaining the strength in to center, two and three, and we'll reverse. Two, nothing moves. Three, and begin to make that circle bigger and down, steady as you can be. The circle is going to be as big as it can be, remaining stable in your middle, and reach. No movement on the opposite side. Two and three, finish with an extra stretch through both legs and back to the beginning. And take a breath. Re-engage the abdominals to lengthen and extend through the leg and lift to that 90-degree position and small circle, 1, 2, 3, and up. Nothing moves on the opposite side and stable as you can be. Begin to take that circle big and center as stable as can be. Two, no movement in your hip and change. Reach, open it, and reach and reach, and extra up and lengthen back down. Take a breath. Bring the abdominals down towards the mat and lift the leg up 90 degrees. Small circle begins. Try not to brace in your neck and reverse. All that stability comes from your core. Three, and big. As the circle gets bigger, the challenge is going to become harder for your core, and 3, not forgetting to breathe and extend and rotate and 3. Freedom in that hip as long as you can keep those abdominals, stabilizing the spine, and down. One more time, and breathe, and lengthen, and small circle; 2 and 3, round. Nothing moves. Check into the softness in the neck. Three, and breathe, and round. As you get tired, really pull those abdominals down to the floor and reverse, freedom in that hip and freedom in that hip and last one, up and finish. Good job! To begin this exercise, let's align those bones up again lying on your side and remain in that neutral spine, drawing the abdominals towards your back, hip on top of hip, and go ahead and plank up, and rotation happens from the waist as you draw that around. Beautiful, and center, and rotation opens to the ceiling, and center, and lower back down to the beginning position. Repeat and plank up, belly button to spine, and rotation happens at the waist, beautiful, center, and as it gets challenging, lengthen through the legs, and up, and set it down, and come back up to the plank, line those bones up, navel to the spine, rotation happens at the waist, torso rotates, and center, draw the waist around into the ceiling and center, and lower down. Very good! And from here, Kristi, you're gonna plank it up and feel the length through both sides of your body. Rotation happens at the waist, and to center, and chest to the celling, and up, down, and rest. Great!