as Toned in 20 Minutes

Twice as Toned in 20 Minutes

Our super-fast workout will get you twice as toned in less than half the time. Do this workout three days a week and your body will be toned in 30 days!

-Squat Hop and Press: For this move, keep your knees behind your toes as you squat then press off the ball of your foot to stand. Remember to keep your spine straight. Runner's Lunge: Really pump your hands as if you were running with purpose. Beginners can do walking lunges to go easy on the knees. Speed Skater: When you leap to the side, keep that quarter squat in your landing leg. The wider you jump, the more you'll work those hip muscles. Plie Squat with Row: Really press your heels into the floor when coming up from the plie position so that your legs help your arms to hoist the weights. Cheerleader Raise: Try to really lengthen your opposite arm and leg away from each other, then drive the knee toward the elbow. The more the legs work, the higher the calorie burn. Kick-and-Punch Combo: Tighten your abs throughout this move to help stabilize yourself and avoid locking out your elbows or knees when you punch and kick. Plank Twist and Push-Up: Keep abs and glutes squeezed tight to help keep your rear end down. Get your chest as close to the floor as possible to really target the jiggle zone on the back of the upper arm. Step-Up and Row: Try to land heel-to-toe on the top of the step and toe-to-heel down on the floor. Keep your neck relaxed so that you're targeting your upper back and biceps.