Salutation, Variation 4

Sun Salutation, Variation 4

This targets all your major muscles. It builds on the Sun Salutation series. Use your breath to move deeper into each pose.

Sun Salutation Variation 4: Stand tall with your feet together. Inhale and raise your arms over your head as you go into the mountain pose. Now, exhale as you swan dive forward into a forward bend. Next, move into a flat back. Inhale as you raise your torso. Jump backwards and move into downward dog. From downward dog, get on your hands and knees into the table-top position. Bending your elbows, do 8 half push-ups. Keep your elbows close to your sides and abs contracted. Stretch back into child's pose and hold this position, reaching forward with your fingers. Come back to the table-top position and then step back into downward dog. Now go into a set of 6 lunge jumps, stepping forward with your right foot and placing it between your hands. Bend your right knee 90 degrees while you keep your left leg straight. Switch legs, jumping your right leg back and your left leg forward. Repeat this move, alternating legs 6 times. Be sure to gaze forward throughout the exercise. Hold the last lunge jump for 1 count and then raise your hips back into downward dog, holding for 2 counts. From downward dog, step forward with your right foot between your hands into the warrior series. Lift your upper body, extending your left leg and bending your right knee 90 degrees. Do 6 warrior lunges, bending and straightening your front leg. Repeat this move 6 times. Now, move back into downward dog and hold for 2 counts before coming up into warrior pose with your left foot forward. From warrior pose, go into the high lunge and do 6 warrior lunge reps. Finish once again in the warrior pose, holding it for 2 counts. Now, return to downward dog position and hold for a moment. Next, step forward into a flat back, and then bend low into a forward bend. End with the reverse swan dive into mountain pose. From mountain pose, bend your knees. Push your butt back and raise your arms over your head with your palms facing each other. Now press your palms together in a prayer position. Bend forward and twist your upper body to the left, pressing the side of your upper right arm into the outside of your left thigh. Hold this pose for 1 to 2 breaths, and then bring your arms forward into chair pose. Repeat this move to your right. Do 2 more reps to your left and 2 to your right, returning to the middle for 2 counts each time. Now stand up, raising your arms into mountain pose and slowly dropping them to rest by your sides. Run through this workout 4 times, and you'll burn more than 500 calories.