Sun Salutation

This targets all your major muscles. It adds push-ups, lunge jumps, and high lunges to the Sun Salutation. Use your breath to move deeper into each pose.

-Sun Salutation: You'll begin and end each circuit with the sun salutation. Stand tall with your feet together and your arms by your sides. Make sure to distribute your weight evenly through the soles of your feet. To begin, take a deep breath and lift your chin slightly as you raise your arms over your head. Now, with your arms straight and your palms facing each other, reach toward the ceiling with your fingertips. -Now, from the mountain pose, sweep your arms down to the side, exhaling as you swan dive forward into the forward bend. Bend at your hips until your palms or fingertips touch the floor on either side of your feet. Keep your fingers aligned with your toes and bend your knees if your back or hamstrings are tight. Visualize drawing the crown of your head toward the floor and the back of your legs toward the ceiling. From the forward bend, with your feet together and your fingers on the floor in line with your toes, move in to a flat back, inhaling as you raise your torso to waist height, keeping your back flat. Bring your gaze forward, reaching with your tailbone away from the top of your head. Keep your head aligned with your spine and your navel pulled in. If you feel tightness in your hamstrings or lower back or if you can't reach the floor, bend your knees. Now, bend your knees and place your palms flat on the floor shoulder-width apart. -Jump or walk both feet backward and lift your hips, coming into a downward facing dog. Spread your fingers and make sure your feet are parallel and hip-width apart. Reach with your tailbone toward the ceiling as you push your hands and heels into the floor. Hold this position for a moment, breathing as you move deeper into the pose. Now reverse this 4-move series, jumping or walking your feet forward out of downward dog and into the flat-back pose. Straighten your legs, drop your head, and bring your fingers outside either foot, moving back into the forward bend. -Lastly, sweep your arms out and over your head as you return to mountain pose.