Kicks Front

Side Kicks Front

The Side Kicks Front targets your abs and your butt. Do 10 reps on each side.

-Side kicks front. Lie down on your mat and roll on to your right side, cradling your head in your hand. Place your left hand in front of you and bring your legs 45 degrees out in front of your body. Raise your left leg to hip height. Inhale as you kick your left leg forward and exhale as you bring it back just slightly behind your body as far back as your hips will allow without rocking. Keep your knees straight, your foot flexed, and your hips back as you continue this exercise for 10 reps. Switch side and repeat it for your right leg. Remember to bring your leg out in front of you about 45 degrees. Keep your hips back, flex your right foot, and don't bend your knees. The side kick front targets your abs and your butt.